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New: Gum Paste Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, commonly known as the Peruvian lily and lily of the Incas, is a beautiful delicate flower native to South America. In class students will create this flower out of gum paste. Using color dusts and gel colors, students will add finishing details to make a life like flower. 

The hands on class is limited to 4 students per session. All supplies are included in the class fee of $35.

     **Alstroemeria cutters and veiners are available for purchase 

Gum Paste Orchid

After completion of the basic gum paste class, the larger, more complex flowers will be completed individually. This big beautiful orchid will be completed in one session. 

Supplies Required to Bring to Class:  Gum paste, ball tool, foam pad, cell pad, rolling board and pin, foam block for petal storage, tapered spatula and dusting puff.

    **Orchid cutters available for purchase if desired.**

This is a hands on class. Class fee of $50.

Gum Paste Peony

This class is recommended for students with gum paste experience. Students will create a life sized peony in one session. Color dusts will be used to bring the beautiful flower to life. 



Supplies Required to Bring to Class: Gum paste, foam block for petal storage, tapered spatula and box to transport the flower home.


**Peony cutters available for purchase if desired.**


This is a hands on class. Class fee of $45.

Gum Paste Flower Extravaganza 

This is an all day workshop! Students will learn how to make life size lilies, orchids, roses, and foliage. Class size is limited to 5 students per class. Class fee of $125.

Supplies Required for Class: One Package of Gumpaste, Small Rolling Pin, Tapered Spatula, Scissors, Small container with tight fitting lid for gum glue, Decorator brush or small paint brush, Zip-lock bags (5 small), Small container of solid Crisco, Cel Pad or Wilton Fondant Shaping Foam, Gumpaste Cutting Board, Gumpaste Tools (Ball Tool, Veining Tool), Soft Foam Blocks (Two wrapped in plastic wrap), Gel colors, Box to carry flowers home

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